AGM and Smørrebrødsfest - Saurday May 18th

       It's been forever since we had a smørrebroødsfest so come along and join us. Aksel and Susan have agreed to have us at their house for a festive evening on 18 May 2019, following our AGM. A group of us will prepare the delicious food, so all you need to do is come along and enjoy. There will be a charge of $30 per person to be paid advance. We will prepare traditional Danish open sandwiches, served in true Danish style, one piece at a time. Bring your own drinks to compliment and yes, sild will be served first. Snaps anyone? AGM starts at 6 pm, smørrebrød anytime from 7 pm. If you'd lke to come along let us know at:


Some of the great activities so far in 2019:

March               - Hillcrest Haven Quiz night.

February         - Danish church service to celebrate the official visit by
                             Bishop Marianne Gaarden, Lolland-Falster’s Diocese and
                             Pia Sundbøl, Dean of the Danish Seamen’s Church and                                       Danish Church Abroad.